I would like to share with you my settings for git in iTerm2.

You can use git status, git add ., git commit -m "", git pull, git push, git switch main, git switch master and git switch develop just by clicking one of these cuties.

Configuration is pretty straightforward, but it can take some time to figure out the first time you try it. So here is a little guide.

Open Profiles -> Open profiles -> Choose a profile -> Edit profiles -> Keys.

Then choose Add Touch Bar Item, label it git status, choose action Send text with vim special characters. Then write git status\n in the bottom field.

Repeat for every other git command you want. For git commit write git commit -m ""\u0002 in the bottom field. This will send the text git commit -m "" to the console and then send a left arrow so the cursor is inside the quotes. Then you can write the commit message and press Enter.

Then choose View -> Customize Touch Bar... and drag new commands to the touch bar.

That is all! Hope you find it useful.